Welcome to the Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation

The mission of the Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation is to broaden the conversation by supporting public discourse, projects, and research to better understand the unique developmental needs of young males.

For more than a decade (working through other 501(c)(3) organizations as financial intermediaries), the Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation (under the name of the Santa Fe Boys Fund) has sought to fulfill its mission by publishing a newsletter about the situation of boys in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, and in the United States generally.

Through statistics and interviews, the newsletter substantiated that young males in Santa Fe and in New Mexico were subject to the same tendencies seen elsewhere showing boys’ declining educational performance and increasing vulnerabilities in the area of mental health. Published from 2003-2009, Santa Fe Boys is available in our archive. The SFBEF has also organized and supported conferences featuring prominent educators and psychologists who have written and spoken in support of boys. Further, the SFBEF has helped fund innovative programs targeted to boys. These activities continue to be among the main efforts of the foundation.