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Issue 4 – Summer/Fall 2004

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  • Back to (Boy Friendly?) Schools
  • The Usual Suspects: Boy Behavior in the Classroom
  • Ed Gorman and Hands-On Learning at Agua Fria
  • Why Are Today’s Boys Suffering in Comparison to the Previous Generation and Relative to Their Female Peers?
  • A Better Classroom for Boys – Boyhood Advocacy Training for Teachers
  • Dr. Gloria Rendón on Boys in the Santa Fe Schools
  • Is Your Son’s Classroom Boy Friendly?
  • Suicide in New Mexico by Gender, 24 Years and Younger

Issue 3 – Spring/Summer 2004


  • Working With Boys At the Pastoral Counseling Center: An Interview with Dr. David Dennedy-Frank
  • Programs and Services for Boys in Santa Fe
  • Special Education in Santa Fe Public Schools: Boys Twice As Likely To Be In Special Education
  • Retained in Grade in Santa Fe Schools: Boys Predominate, Especially in the Early Grades
  • Su Vida-Mental Health Programs
  • For Youth Portrait of a Santa Fe Boy: Ivan Cornejo
  • The O’Keeffe Art and Leadership Program for Boys by Jackie M
  • Mentoring the Young Men Project at Capshaw Middle School by Nancy David
  • He’s Just A Late Talker

Issue 2 – Winter 2004


  • Jesús Gonzales and the New Mexico Young Fathers Project
  • Breaking the Cycle of Abandonment in Santa Fe The Absent Father
  • Looking Behind the Statistics: Boys Three Times More Likely to be Suspended
  • What Boys Want…
  • Where Have all the Men Gone? Santa Fe Public Elementary Schools and Joe Abeyta
  • Leon David Lopez, Portrait of a Young Poet
  • My Trip With Dad by William Carson
  • Understanding Bullying by Victor LaCerva, MD
  • We Owe Them No Less by Lou Levin
  • Advice to Dads, Mentors and Friends: How to Relate to Sons and Friends Who Are Boys

Issue 1 – Fall 2003


  • Why A Newsletter on Boys?
  • Santa Fe School Tests Show Gender Gap in English Language Skills
  • Portrait of a Santa Fe Boy… Vince Tapia: A Leader, not a Stereotype
  • 15 Step Program to Help Boys by Dr. William Pollack
  • Looking Behind the Statistics, Obesity Rates of Santa Fe and New Mexico High School Students, 2001: Boys more likely to be obese by a factor of three
  • “Farm to School,” “Cooking with Kids” Programs Set Examples of Healthy Eating
  • Santa Fe Boys Community Action Network (Boys C.A.N.) Gets Off to Energetic Start
  • Films to Watch and Discuss with Boys My Body Guard and Life as a House