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Issue 8 – Fall 2006


  • Boys Are Really Falling Behind, and in New Mexico, It’s Not Just Some Boys
  • NM Legislature to Consider Boys’ Education Decline
  • New Mexico ‘s Youth Gender Gap
  • Boy Issues in The Press: Graphomotor Dysfunction, Failure To Launch Syndrome, and The Benefits Of Same Gender Teachers
  • An Interview with Family Court Judge Raymond Ortiz
  • New Mexico Higher Education Should Consider the Gender Gaps and Achievement Gaps Together
  • New “Action Research” Group to Study Boys’ Education

Issue 7 – Winter/Spring 2006


  • New Mexico Men: Scarce At NM State Colleges and Universities
  • Capshaw Boys: Talkin’ Back
  • It’s A Male Thing: Are Boys Struggling To Achieve Because Schools Are Too Girl-Friendly?
  • Gender And Ethnicity Of Students At Selected Public Post-Secondary Institutions, 2004
  • Maine, First To Officially Address Boys’ Decline In Academics
  • Some School Practices That May Harm Boys
  • Boys Still Vastly Outnumber Girls In Local Crime
  • Small Learning Community At Santa Fe High Shows Benefit For Boys
  • Harry Potter And Dads; Something To Think About

Issue 6 – Summer/Fall 2005

6720.05-SFBoys Newsletter

  • Connecting with Boys’ Aggression
  • Missing: Males on College Campuses,
    By Wendy McElroy
  • Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey Presents Disturbing Portrait of Santa Fe Boys
  • An Interview with Children’s Court Judge Barbara Vigil
  • Single-Sex Public Education By Leonard Sax, PhD, MD
  • Santa Fe Public Schools Gender Performance on No Child Left Behind Tests for 2005
  • Santa Fe Advance Placement Classes and Gender

Issue 5 – Winter/Spring 2005

5 Issue Thumb

  • Boys and Violence
  • Sexual Abuse of Boys in Santa Fe
  • Boys, Violence and Running Away
  • Local Schools Fail Boys in Key Area of Language Arts
  • Suicide and Boys in Santa Fe and NM
  • Will the Public Schools Get Serious About Educating Boys?
  • Have Boys Become a Second-Class Gender?